Sunday, August 7, 2011

July 12....Breaking ground!

Before the big dig .....

The dig has begun...

WOOOO HOOOO! The day has finally come! What an exciting day. And an extremely hot one. It's funny how when we built in NY it was so the middle of winter and now we are building in the complete opposite. Not sure which is worse for the builders! The first day went really well with only one minor problem with some tree roots.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June...Reid at 2 1/2 months old

May 24...Reid's 2 months old!

O.K. bare with me..I understand i am a little out of order with blog dates right now..i guess that is what happens when I don't keep up!

Time is flying! Reid is becoming so alert..smiling and cooing! He already likes acting silly and making people smile!

His 2 months stats:

14 lbs. 2 oz & 23 inches long

June 18th...Happy Birthday Chad!

One great thing about having an older brother is that he will turn 40 before me!!! We had a great time celebrating with him and catching up with family and friends!

Summer Fun!

Well, the girls got out of school the day after memorial day so summer has been underway for us for awhile. They have been keeping busy with different camps, bible school and birthday parties. We are enjoying the pool again here at the apartment complex and the girls are really becoming little swimmers! Ava has really overcome her shyness in the water and is now dunking her head and jumping in!

Spring Sports!

As if our spring wasn't busy enough with Reid and our new land we added soccer and softball to it. Both girls were in soccer and what a crappy spring for it with the cold and rainy temps! But regardless both girls enjoyed it and showed improvement! And now Olivia is just finishing up with her softball season and has done really well. She has had a lot of good hits, several runs and even got a couple of people out when she played first base!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Land..Land.. Land!!

We finally found land! WOOO HOOO!! It's two acres, wooded in the country and we plan to break ground in July. It has been a ton of work trying to clear the trees and to get it ready to build on. What a crazy mess it has been..more work than we thought..of course! Curt has been working really hard on it with the help of my brother. It's so different building in the country..there are so many permits we need to get and so much prep work. Plus we have to have the driveway put in, a well dug and a septic tank installed. Stay tuned.......

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

May 10...Ava's 5th Birthday

I can't believe that Ava is 5! She has grown and matured so much and is really looking forward to kindergarten in the fall. We were planning a little party for some of her friends at the park that day but we woke up that morning to dark skies and thunderstorms (of course this should not have been a surprise given the spring we have had!). I got a little worried since our apartment is not the ideal party place... then I became a madwoman and started rapidly cleaning and shoving things into closets! But about an hour or so before the party the sun started coming out and the rain went away so we were able to go to the park..horray!